Risk Factors that Affect Buying Life Insurance in Ohio

Risk Factors that Affect Buying Life Insurance in Ohio

Life insurance is a way to ensure that your loved ones won’t have to carry the weight of several expenses (like mortgages, final expenses, and more) on their shoulders once you die, especially if they rely on you economically.

There are many types of life insurance that you can choose from, and in Ohio, life insurance is provided automatically to those who work for the State under certain conditions. 

According to statistics, until last year, about 67.3% of Americans had acquired life insurance from private companies, meaning that almost half of the population either hasn’t acquired it, can’t afford it or just think of it as unnecessary. 

In the USA exist many life insurance companies, and they all offer something different, depending on what you’re looking for. What you must know is that they all take into account some ‘factors’, and very seriously.

Regarding life insurance in Ohio, companies also consider these factors, as they are important to consider the total monthly fee you will be paying once the policy has been filed.

We will refer to them as “risk factors“, which mean that they are related to things like age, gender, personal and family health history, prescription history, and more. One of the most important is tobacco use or smoking since according to the Center for Disease Control (CDC), tobacco is as hurtful for your body as it is for the environment. 

Regardless of that fact, the same website tells us that more than 34 million adults still smoke.

You should know that premiums are determined on how much at ‘risk’ you are to the insurance company. These factors are analyzed to see, overall, how much the mortality of a person, which means that you’ll be paying more the less healthy and risky you are.

This is why most people recommend getting a life insurance policy at a young age.

This post is meant to give you information about what factors are important during the process of getting life insurance in Ohio. There are many things that people don’t take seriously, but many of the factors on the list are actually under their control. If you are planning on getting life insurance soon, this list might be useful.

Before starting the list, please consider: 

  • Age is the most important factor, meaning that the younger you are, less you’ll pay for the premiums.
  • Gender is also important. Statistically, men live at least five years less than women. A young woman will probably get a better life insurance deal than a man of the same age. According to experts, at least a decade will pass before men start living as much as women. 
  • Your lifestyle is also important, and honesty is also extremely appreciated.


As we told you above, age is probably the most important factor when it comes to getting insurance. Younger people are, of course, going to pay less for premiums, but they will be paying the insurance company for many years.

It’s better to get one when you don’t need it, because when you do, it is very likely to be too late (or perhaps, you’re going to pay much more for it). You’re not obligated to get life insurance as soon as you can if you currently don’t have anyone depending on you.

Things may change in the future, though, so you should consider it while making long-term plans.  

Regarding age, companies take it very differently, but they all consider it. For example, if “X” company is currently only offering life insurance to people who are between the ages of 18 and 70, different monthly fees will apply depending on the life insurance policy they have chosen.

People who are less than 18 will not be able to get a policy until they become of legal age.

In Ohio, life expectancy is of 77.5 years, but there are more factors that you should consider before knowing what the best age to get life insurance is.


Overall, insurance companies will charge more for the premiums to men than they will to women, and it is all thanks to women having a longer life expectancy than men. While this isn’t surprising, it is very important for people to know.

Getting life insurance in Ohio depends on many factors, but one thing you should keep in mind is that insurance companies can only look at some specific risk factors.

Some irrelevant things that do not define how much you value as a person like race, sexual orientation or ethnicity can’t be taken into account.

Physical status

Insurance companies will take a look at everything that might put you in risk, including your physical condition. According to statistics, more than 80% of adults have a physical status that doesn’t meet the requirements for basic exercises, such as aerobic or muscle-strengthening activities.

At the moment of application, the insurance company will make you several questions, and you must be completely honest with them to get a deal that adjusts to your necessities and your budget.

Sometimes, they will ask you to go under a medical exam or to provide medical records to see your overall health.

This isn’t related to physical condition, but mental health also plays an important role when it comes to life insurance.

For example, individuals with depression and suicidal tendencies are obviously under more risk than a common person, meaning that if they aren’t currently under proper treatment, they will very likely pay more for the premiums than the average person. 


Now that we’ve mentioned physical status, another important risk factor that must be considered is if you are a smoker or not. If you are a smoker, that means that you are at higher risk than the average person, hence you will pay more for the premiums.

If you are planning on getting life insurance in Ohio, it is a good idea to start planning to quit smoking too. It will help both your health condition and your wallet for when you start planning your life insurance policy.


Do you enjoy high-risk hobbies? Then, you will very likely be paying more for the premiums than the average person. Regardless of how risky it is, the company will consider as much risk factors as possible, and that includes the normal activities you do every day.

You may be thinking: “Will I be paying more if my lifestyle is considered as ‘risky’?” The answer is yes.

Family and Personal History

Certain illnesses are hereditary. This may not be the case, but just to be sure, you might be required to go under a medical exam to find out if you’re suffering from an on-going hereditary health condition. In Ohio, the most common causes of death are cancer and heart disease. 

Certain conditions do not really affect your insurance possibilities. For example, there are illnesses like ovarian or prostate cancer that will have a different effect depending on your gender.

While it is true that when you have relatives who had or died of cancer your probabilities of getting the illness are higher, if you are a woman and your dad had prostate cancer, it won’t affect in any way your life insurance contract.

Other illnesses are considered for your life insurance in Ohio as well. Hereditary conditions like diabetes or arthritis can affect your deal negatively.

Regarding your personal history, the insurance company will ask you for details about some habits, such as drinking, smoking and use of drugs. According to the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism, 14.4 million adults had Alcohol Use disorder in 2018.

The company needs this information because these substances make great damages to your body that aren’t easy to repair or are irreparable at all. When it comes to drug use, certain drugs are unacceptable; therefore, your request will be declined.

Personal history also gives the company facts about your current environment, and the normal situations you’re exposed to. They have an important rule when it comes to arranging the policy.

Driving Records

When it comes to getting life insurance in Ohio, your driving record matters, and a lot. In 2018, Ohio registered 996 fatal crashes and 1,068 deaths. This statistic reveals that Ohio is one of the states where most deaths by fatal crashes occur. 

The insurance company you’re getting a contract with will take a thorough look at your driving record. If you’re a bad driver, we encourage you to try improving your skills. If your driving record has improved during the latest years (or months), more benefits will be added to your policy.

Current Workplace

Some jobs can be dangerous, hence your mortality chances will be increased while you remain working there. These workplaces are considered ‘dangerous’ because accidents are more likely to happen. People who are commonly in risk at their workplace are construction workers, for example.

Keep in mind that how hazardous your current job is isn’t the only thing that matters. The health conditions that surround your work hours matter as well. For example, miners are considered to be one of the employees who work with poor health conditions. 

When you get in touch with the company, they will give you a list of the jobs that are considered as dangerous. Having one of these jobs means you will be paying a higher amount for the premiums.

Not everything is bad, and you can apply for reconsideration when you stop working in an occupation considered as dangerous and get a ‘better’ job. Again, the company will analyze the circumstances that surround your new job, and after that, they will consider decreasing your monthly fee.


This matters because mortality rates are different in each country, state, and some cities. When it comes to life insurance in Ohio, companies will probably know what the mortality rate in the State is. However, if you are planning on travelling, or changing your place of residence, the company will consider those facts when filing the policy.

Other information, like, if you travelled to another country or state, is very important. Everything surrounding a country’s conditions, like weather or political environment, affects in some way your mortality.

Bottom Line

Through this article, we have mentioned the most common risk factors that insurance companies consider before awarding you with a life insurance policy.

Remember that each company is different, and they ask different questions or request different things to their potential clients.

Keep in mind that having a healthy, safe, and overall ‘good’ lifestyle does well for your insurance consideration. Most companies will take a look at each one of the factors that we have mentioned very closely.

Knowing for how much a person can be insured isn’t easy, but be sure that the younger you request it, the less you will pay.

However, requesting life insurance in Ohio while being young may be a bit unnecessary. As you grow up, you will see how your lifestyle changes, and by then, you will decide what’s best for you and your family, if you already have one during that time.

Companies often reward those who are honest, meaning that sharing information about your current and past condition is greatly appreciated. People who don’t share the requested information by the insurance company will be charged more for the premiums. 

Not being hones while requesting your life insurance in Ohio can even affect your beneficiaries, and may put in risk the benefits that they will get once you pass away.

Life insurance is very important, and for the company, it matters a lot to know as much about you as they can so they can come up with the best deal for both sides.

Overall, companies offer better deals to those who provide as much information as they can about their current condition. Make sure you’ll get the best deal for you and your family by sharing all kinds of facts that the company has requested from you.

Make your family’s shoulders a bit lighter by requesting a life insurance policy.

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