How to File a Life Insurance Claim in Ohio

File a Life Insurance Claim in Ohio

Losing a loved one can be a painful tragedy, and can leave families in a very difficult situation. Through a life insurance, you can trust that your family will have a way of surviving if you pass away. It is intended to work as a form to keep them ‘protected’ after their loss.

If something bad should happen to you, life insurance will help your family to survive for about one year (perhaps more), depending on the company you choose to form a contract with.

This post was written with the purpose of giving you all the information about how to file a life insurance in Ohio, including benefits, frequently asked questions and more.

Basic life insurance in Ohio benefits are provided to extent employees who have been giving their services to the state continuously during more than one year. This benefit can be acquired with no fees or charges.

According to The State of Ohio’s official page, it is meant to cover at least one year worth of expenses. It is not intended to cover final expenses as it sole purpose, you can use that income to pay any debts left (either by you or the person who passed away), to handle the payment of mortgages, and much more.

There are many advantages that you can obtain by getting a life insurance. To claim the life insurance as an extent employee of the State, no cost or insurability evidences are required.

However, there are some details that you must be aware of, since it is your duty to be informed about all related to the details of your life insurance.

Filing a life insurance claim in Ohio after a loved one has passed away isn’t very difficult if you are well informed of the procedures. However, if you are not, there is some information that you must know before starting the process.

Essential information to know

To claim a basic life insurance in Ohio, you must be a permanent employee exempt either full-time or part-time, and have worked continuously for at least one year to the State. While this is the main condition to be considered for eligibility, there is some other information that you must be aware of. The benefit will be given through Securian Financial.

Now, let’s start by defining what a Beneficiary is. A beneficiary can be either a person (or multiple ones), or a financial institution, and its name should be in the insurance policy.

The named person/s or institution will be able to claim the income once the policyholder passes away.

However, the future is uncertain, and there is the possibility that something happens to this person or institution, which means that you are able to choose a second beneficiary. If the first beneficiary happens to die, then the second one can claim the insurance money.

“What do I do now that I’m eligible for Life Insurance in Ohio?”

When the conditions to be eligible for the basic life insurance have been reunited, a letter will be sent to you by Securian Financial.

This letter includes a beneficiary form that you must send to that same company once you complete it, however, there is another way to design a beneficiary,

Another thing that you must be aware of, is that if an insurance policy exists but a beneficiary is not mentioned anywhere in the document, your spouse, children, parents or siblings will be able to receive the insurance.

Special cases exist, and if there is no beneficiary alive or to be named, then the total amount will be added to your state, and at this point, things will only get harder.

Once the procedure is completed and you’ve had a change of mind, it is possible that you want to assign a different beneficiary. You are able to do so through the website given above, but some time will pass until Securian Financial approves it.

However, if the insurance policy holder passes away before the change was requested through the web page, all payments that were already completed will not be modified in any way.

There’s more to it, though. Your insurance policy depends of other conditions that you must know:

  • In case you want to design your current spouse as beneficiary, they must not work for The State of Ohio; otherwise, they will be not eligible. Same thing applies to dependent children.
  • The income received will not be received in cash.
  • You will be able to receive the accidental death provision if it occurs somehow during the work hours. If this happens, not only you will receive the life insurance, but also an amount equal to a whole year of the employee’s salary. Another similar norm is applied when the employee happens to lose any of it senses (for example, hearing, vision or even an extremity by dismemberment), where you get a part of the death benefit.
  • Besides from the conditions given above (the beneficiary form and the letter sent by Securian Financial), there’s no other procedure to be done to be eligible. In fact, it is done automatically.
  • If you happen to stop working by any reason, the eligibility plan time limit finishes at the end of the month. However, you may want an individual policy, and if that’s the case, it is possible during the first 45 days after you finish providing your services to the State. This is also possible within the next 45 days after receiving the Securian Financial letter.
  • You are eligible for accelerated death benefits if you have been told by a physician that you have less than one year to live. Those who were diagnosed with terminal illnesses can request these benefits as well. You are able to take any percentage of the total life insurance amount.

Important information that must be collected before filing a Life Insurance claim in Ohio

While this is vital information, there are lots of other things you need to know about filing a life insurance claim in Ohio. There is some information that is of vital importance during these procedures, and you must be aware of all the things you need before trying to get the benefits.

First of all, consider all of the information from above. There are some specific guidelines for a life insurance in Ohio, and most of the states. To start the procedure, make sure you have the following information already gathered:

  1. The policy number. If you happen to not know it, but you have knowledge of the existence of a life insurance, then you must know the following information of the insured:
  • Date of Birth
  • Last four digits of their Social Security number
  1. Full name of the insured person is necessary, as well as the date of death, and the way it happened. Remember that more benefits are available for a beneficiary if the insured passed away by accident during work hours.
  2. This is obvious, but make sure that you give updated contact information.

The process can be started at any time online after the death has happened, but it will take some time until you’re able to receive the income.

After you finish requesting the life insurance online, you have to wait until all the information given is received by the claims department. When they have finally finished, they will send you some forms that need to be completed.

The following months after the death of a loved one are very difficult, so filing the life insurance claim can become a bit rough. If you happen to feel a bit too overwhelmed by the recent unfortunate events, one of the best things you can do is to contact your life insurance agent.

They will help you to file the claim, and will make sure that the procedure is done properly. They will also play the role of intermediary between you and the insurance company.

It is possible that you do not know who the insured’s insurance agent is. When this happens, you should try to reach the company directly.

There is much more information that you must take into account and this post is intended to give you as much information as possible about how to file a life insurance claim in Ohio.

Some people do not know how to properly handle these procedures, and most of the information found around the web can be a bit too difficult to understand and/or too redundant for you to process.

We are aware that some people aren’t able to be in contact with an insurance agent, and they have to file out the claim by their own means.

Whether this is your case or not, the information given in this post should be of much use to you, as one should be informed of what to do after a loved one has passed away.

Before start filing a Life Insurance claim, make sure you’ve done the procedure to get a Death Certificate

A document of vital importance to start claiming a life insurance in Ohio is the death certificate. Make sure you that, before starting the claim, you have gathered several copies of it.

There are some people who do not know how to get this document, however, we have it all covered. If you have no knowledge about how to file a death certificate in Ohio, then this information can come in handy.

For starters, a death certificate will be required in many procedures, including life insurance claims. It will also be requested during many processes related to the loss of your loved one. While trying to get it, you can request assistance from the company you are arranging funeral services with.

If you’re still overwhelmed by the recent events and filling the form becomes stressful, then you can require assistance from someone close to you. The information required in the form isn’t something that you should do very careful research of; actually, they are mostly facts of your loved one, and about your family.

>> The form can be found on this website.

Note: There is some information in the form that must be filled by a physician who can confirm ‘the cause of death’. This is very specific information, and we do not recommend you to fill it by yourself. Remember, during these times, assistance is of vital importance. Fees apply depending on the county the document is requested in.

Once you have finished filling the whole document’s sections, you should present it before the funerary services company for it to be signed.

After that, they will send it either to the medical examiner or to the local registrar in the correct jurisdiction where the person happened to pass away; then, it will be archived.

After this process has been completed, you can finally receive the total amount of copies of the death certificate you have requested.

Reasons to get a life insurance

If you happen to pass away early, your family will not only be devasted, but also may have a difficult time regarding their economy during the following months.

Getting a life insurance is a way of helping them during this rough time. Grief can be very overwhelming, and the way it is handled depends on the person.

Life expectancy in this State is about 75 years for males, and about 79 for females. While this is a long time to live, there are a lot of things you don’t know that will happen. You can find useful (but a bit hard to understand) getting a life insurance in Ohio on this website.

Through this article, we have given you the most vital information regarding life insurance claims in Ohio. During this hard time, it is important to be as informed as possible about the procedures that follow your loved one’s death. Make sure you have all the information you can gather regarding this process, then, you can start it. We hope you the best.

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