Death Cases Which Are Not Covered by Life Insurance in Ohio

Death Cases Which Are Not Covered by Life Insurance in Ohio

Death is a part of life, and with it, many consequences come. In Ohio, the most common causes of death are heart disease and cancer.

However, there are a lot of other possibilities that you should consider, hence they will affect the payout of your life insurance policy.

Getting life insurance in Ohio takes a lot of factors to consider.

The same statistic shows that Ohio is the second state in the USA where most car accidents happen. While filling a life insurance policy, the insurance company will ask you several kinds of questions, including your driving habits and history.

If they determine that you are a bad driver, you will be paying more for the premiums. Get to know more about risk factors.

There are certain things of vital importance, like the life insurance payout contestability period. If the insured happens to die within the first 2 years of the policy being processed, the beneficiaries will have to wait until the whole time frame has passed before they can start filing a claim. 

We also recommend reading our article on Filing a Life Insurance Claim in Ohio. You will find more information there.

If you want to start getting life insurance in Ohio, then you should pay attention to the following list. It will give you an idea of the habits that you should consider improving if you want to get a good deal and pay cheaper premiums.

Many of the deaths mentioned in the list are related to physical condition/diseases, mental health, dangerous or high-risk hobbies, accidents, and more. 

This guide will explain in detail each one of the deaths not covered by life insurance in Ohio:

  • Suicide or Self-Inflicted Injuries
  • Homicide/Murder
  • Natural calamity
  • STDs
  • Smoking
  • Death by dangerous activities

To give you as much information as possible, we will also explain the deaths covered by life insurance in Ohio, which are:

  • Natural death
  • Critical illness
  • Accidental death

Types of death not covered by life insurance

No one knows what the future has planned for each individual, and we are all fighting battles that no one knows about.

With that being said, we certainly do not know what will happen tomorrow, which is why we should try to live life in our way while at the same time we take care of ourselves.

If you are currently planning on getting life insurance, you should take a look at your lifestyle.

Your habits, lifestyle, conditions, job, and more risk factors have a great effect when the company starts evaluating the circumstances surrounding you, which means that there are certain situations that life insurance in Ohio does not cover.  

Almost all people know about the benefits that come with the claim of a life insurance policy. However, there is a lack of information when it comes to the circumstances surrounding the insured’s death, and how they affect the beneficiary.

Keep in mind that, sometimes, companies start investigating the conditions behind the policyholder’s death, and that process may take some time.

Whether you want to improve your lifestyle or just want to do research, the list we have prepared explains in detail each death not covered by life insurance in Ohio.

Suicide or Self-Inflicted Injuries

Mental health has great importance in everyone’s lives, after all, it affects the way we communicate, we feel, and how we relate to the environment.

People with poor mental health or with on-going mental health conditions like depression, anxiety, or personality disorders are at risk of suicide. Suicidal ideation is one of the main symptoms of mental disorders, like the ones we have mentioned.

One thing that you should know is that, according to experts, self-harm does not necessarily mean that a person is suicidal.

However, self-harm habits can potentially lead to suicide over time. There are many reasons why people commit self-harm, which include: a form of self-punishment, a way to release stress, a way to deal with difficult emotions that the individual cannot describe, and much more.

Mental health issues are different in every person.

If you are planning on getting life insurance in Ohio, then you should know that the panorama regarding mental health in this State is very positive.

Although in the past three years, the percentage of mental distress increased from 12% to 24%, the same statistic shows that the amount of mental health professionals has greatly increased to 34% per 100,000 habitants.

You should know that if the insured commits suicide within the first two years of submitting the life insurance policy, the beneficiaries will not get the benefits, they will only be able to get the total amount paid for the premiums until the policyholder’s death.

If death happens after the two-year contestability period, the beneficiaries will get the total benefit.


Homicide is covered in most life insurance policies. Consider that in Ohio, per 1,000 residents, the violent crime rate is of 24.57%. However, certain conditions will deny the benefits automatically. These cases include:

a) If the insured died under suspicious conditions, an investigation will start. If the results reveal that the beneficiary took part in the crime, the payout won’t be processed and the benefits will be denied.

Therefore, the only way to get benefits after the beneficiary has been declared suspicious or guilty is the charges to be dropped or if an acquittal happens. 

b) If the insured died while being involved in criminal activities, the payout will be automatically denied. However, if the insured has a criminal background but dies by other means that are covered by life insurance in Ohio, then the beneficiary will be able to claim the benefits.

When you start processing the death certificate, details will be asked, and you must answer the questions with honesty.

If something does not add up, an investigation is very likely to start. Depending on the results, the insurance company will determine if you can receive the benefits or if they will be denied. In most cases, after all, suspicion has been cleared, the benefits can be claimed within a timeframe of 45 days.

You will be notified when you are able to claim the funds.

Natural Calamity

We do not really know what nature is planning to do later, so natural disasters can happen at any time. However, if you have acquired term life insurance, the beneficiary will not be able to receive the death benefits. Natural disasters include earthquakes, tsunamis, or hurricanes, for example. 

There are certain companies that offer benefits for special events, like natural disasters. The only way to receive death benefits when the policyholder dies by a natural calamity is by making a contract with a company that offers insurance in special circumstances. There are many types of life insurance in Ohio, and you should know what benefits come with them.


Deaths by sexually transmitted diseases are not covered by life insurance in Ohio. Sexuality is the responsibility of each individual, and they must know what comes with risky intercourse habits. This is the reason why life insurance companies do not cover STDs in Ohio and most states across the USA. 

Until 2018, the records of people infected with an STD were high. Chlamydia was the highest, with 63,220 cases, followed by the 25,146 cases of gonorrhea. We recommend you take as many precautions as you can while you enjoy a sexually active life.


Smoking is one of the most considered risk factors when trying to get life insurance in Ohio. Smoking can potentially lead to several conditions, such as lung cancer. The CDC recommends quitting smoking since tobacco causes irreversible damage to a person’s body.

Until 2017, 21.1% of adults were frequent smokers. That’s a very high rate, since nationally, during the same year only 17.1% of adults were smokers.

It isn’t surprising that the second prevalent cause of death in Ohio is cancer since there is a great number of people dealing with this bad habit. Smoking is an addiction, and it should be treated with a professional. If you are a smoker, we encourage you to seek help.

When it comes to life insurance in Ohio, whether you are a smoker or not has great importance. If you smoke frequently, then you are a risky customer.

Therefore, you will pay higher premiums. If research reveals that the policyholder died under circumstances related to smoking, the benefits can be denied to the beneficiary.

The rule applying to smoking is similar to the one applied to STDs. Both are under each individual’s control, and they must find ways to improve their lifestyle, not only for getting a better deal but also for their well-being.

If you are planning to get life insurance soon, quitting smoking is a great idea.

Deaths by hazardous activities

When it comes to lifestyle, most companies ask a lot of questions that may be perceived as invasive by the customer. However, this is all for your good, since, without all these answers, you wouldn’t know what is the best deal for you.

This means that the hobbies you have are also part of the list. We know that some people enjoy risky activities, such as climbing mountains, but insurance companies take these facts very seriously.

If you enjoy risky hobbies, then you are a risky customer, therefore, you will pay higher premiums. Almost all insurance companies let their customers know that deaths by hazardous activities are not covered. That does not mean that you should stop doing them, it means that you should be more careful.

Other conditions

Most life insurance companies will let you know about the special conditions that are not covered by the policy.

These include war, terrorism, or civil commotion. If you can think of other similar events, then it is very likely that they are not covered by life insurance companies. 

Types of Death covered by life insurance

There are thousands of ways to die, and in most cases, we don’t have an election. Death will come to every person one day, and with that, their loved ones will be left with grief. However, life insurance can be a way of helping them during these hard months. In this list, you will find which types of deaths are covered by life insurance in Ohio.

Natural Death

Natural death conditions include aging, disease, or stress. All conditions that can lead to a person’s death without external factors (such as poison) or physical injuries are covered by life insurance in Ohio. Remember that the conditions regarding your loved one’s death must be detailed in the death certificate.

Critical Illness

Critical illness is covered by life insurance in Ohio. These illnesses include cancer, heart disease, Alzheimer’s disease, and more. If you already have life insurance and have been diagnosed with a terminal condition and have been told by a physician that you have less than a year to live, you can apply for accelerated death benefits. When you request it, you are able to take a certain amount from the cash value.

Accidental Death

Unfortunately, not every place is safe, and there are times where whether we are not careful or certain conditions lead us to premature death.

In these cases, life insurance companies allow the beneficiary to take the benefits.

Remember that deaths by hazardous activities are not covered by insurance; hence accidents that happened during risky hobbies will not be considered.

Also, it is possible to receive an accidental death provision if the policyholder died during work hours.

Bottom Line

Companies will inform you of what deaths are covered under the policy you have chosen most of the time.

When it comes to life insurance, there are a lot of factors that people often take very easily, as if it was something just to pass by.

Life insurance policies are meant to be taken seriously, and you must provide the company as many details as you can in order to get a good deal. If no proper information is given, you can end up with your policy being denied. 

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